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Internal and External waterproof finishes

Metro Roofing London use 3 main suppliers for our waterproof finishes and are accredited installers of each range of products.

waterproof finishes for walls, floors & roofs in London

1) Enke Liquid waterproofing is a polyurethane waterproofing system with a fast wet-on-wet roller or brush applied application.
Apart from the obvious waterproof properties of Enke waterproof finishes for roofs, balcomies and external walkways, the quick drying, low solvent odourless properties of the finish make it ideal for internal renovations without any disruption to the buildings occupants. It is an incredibly versatile waterproofing system that is suited to all new build and refurbishment applications including overlay, warm roof, inverted roof and walkway situations. The Enke system is also waterproof immediately upon application ensuring its application is suitable in almost all unpredictable weather scenarios.

2) Moy Materials: Moy materials are the UK & Irelands leading waterproof finishes material providers. With a comprehensive range of materials suitable for all requirements we can guarantee our contractors have access to the best materials and applications there are available.
We are approved Moy Material contractors and with durable waterproof properties lasting in exess of 30 years we can offer comprehensive warranties.

2) Brittania coating systems: Using Britania's extensive range of waterproof finishes we have the perfect solution to all your waterproofing needs. For external walls we recommend using the latest fluorocarbon technology, Clearshield Eco which impregnates masonry surfaces for superior water repellency and resistance to dirt, stains and grime. For internal damp walls we recommend Britania masonry paint, a damp-proof paint for treating damp interior walls and surfaces.
We also provide antifungicidal coatings for damp environments, suitable for tiled roofs, walls, timber decking, block paving and cladding.
Our range of floor paints include a Britannia finish suitable for use on concrete and stone floors in factories, warehouses, garages, corridors and utility room environments. It provides a cleaner, dust-free working environment.

Our wall & floor waterproof coatings offer durable waterproof finishes .

Waterproof wall and floor paint applications in London

Waterproofing internal floor using low solvent floor paint

waterproof floor paint application in London

Waterproofing using External waterproof floor paint

Waterproofing flat roof with waterproof floor paint

Waterproofing roof repairs

waterproofing flat roof repairs

Waterproofing roof repairs

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